Acute Angle

Angle whose measurement is less than 90 degrees is an Acute angle.

If you want to draw acute angle, you can draw it from range 0 to 89 degree.

Below are some examples of Acute Angle:

What is an Acute angle?

Parts of Acute Angle

The angle is made up of two rays joining at angle less than 90 degree.

Some important parts of an angle are:

(a) Vertex
The point at which two rays join are called Vertex

For the given image, point O is the vertex of the angle

Acute Angle definition

(b) Arms
The two rays forming the angle is known as Arms

In the below angle OA & OB are the two arms

Diagram of acute angle

Draw Acute angle using Protractor

For drawing acute angle, do the following steps:

(a) Take a sheet of paper and draw horizontal line
This is one arm of the angle

Acute angle definition

(b) Take protractor and place its center at point O as shown in below figure

Acute angle drawing using protractor

To draw acute angle you have range of options from 0 to 89 degree as shown below

Acute angle meaning

(c) Let us draw an angle of 50 degree
Draw a point at 50 degree protractor and name it Point B

Acute Angle in Geometry

(d) Remove the protractor and join OB with straight line
We get Angle AOB = 50 degree.

Examples of Acute angle

You can choose to draw acute angle of any measurement or your choice.
Just make sure the angle measurement is between 0 and 90 degree

Acute Angle in Real Life

Some of the real objects form acute angle with its body

(a) Acute Angle by Pizza Slice

Real life example of acute angle

(b) Acute Angle by Scissor

Real life example of acute angle

(c) Acute Angle by Clock

Learn about acute angle and its properties

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