Grade 9 Math

Concept of rational numbers

Basics of Rational numbers

Representing rational number in form of decimal

Terminating and non terminating rational number

Repeating decimal into rational number

Algebra laws for rational number

Comparing rational numbers

Questions on rational numbers

Concept of irrational numbers

Basics of irrational numbers

Decimal value of irrational number

How to compare irrational numbers ?

Comparing rational and irrational number

Finding irrational numbers in square root form

Finding irrational numbers between two fractions

Rationalizing irrational number

Questions on irrational numbers

Exponent for real numbers

Important laws of exponent

Problems on product of power rule of exponents

Problems on Quotient of power rule of exponents

Exponents Problem Sets – Grade 09

Square root expressions

How to simplify square root expressions ?

Simplify square root expressions

How to rationalize denominators with roots ?

Rationalize denominator problem sets – grade 09

Algebraic identities

Binomial formula with power 2

Trinomial formula with power 2

Formula for (x + y)(x – y)

Formula for \mathtt{( a+b)^{3}}

Formula for \mathtt{( a-b)^{3}}

Formula for \mathtt{a^{3} +b^{3}}

Formula for \mathtt{a^{3} - b^{3}}

Formula for \mathtt{a^{3} +b^{3} +c^{3} -3abc}

Formula for (x + a) (x + b) (x + c)

Algebraic identities problem – Grade 09

Factorization of algebraic expression

What is factorization ?

Factorization by grouping

Factorization using formulas

Factorize expression in form \mathtt{a^{2} -b^{2}}

Factorize expression in form \mathtt{a^{2} +2ab+\ b^{2}}

Factorize expression in form \mathtt{ax^{2} +bx+c=0}

Factorize expression \mathtt{a^{3} -b^{3}}

Factorize expression \mathtt{a^{3} + b^{3}}

Problems on factorization of algebraic expressions

Factorization of quadratic expression

Understanding quadratic equation

Solving quadratic equation using factorization

Solving quadratic equation using formula

Roots of quadratic equation

Types of root of quadratic equation

Remainder theorem of polynomial

Factor theorem of polynomial

Problems on factorization of polynomial

Lines and angles

Adjacent angle of straight line measures 180 degree

Vertically opposite angles theorem

Transversal and parallel lines

Angle sum property of triangle with proof

Exterior angle theorem of triangle

Questions on line & angles -01

Questions in lines & angles – 02

Questions on parallel line & transversal

Questions on angle sum property of triangle

Concepts of triangle

Basics of Triangle

Median of Triangle

Altitude of Triangle

Formula for altitude of scalene triangle

Formula for altitude of isosceles triangle

Formula for altitude of equilateral triangle

Formula for altitude of right triangle

Difference between altitude and median

Altitude and median of equilateral triangle

Median of equilateral triangle are equal in length

Properties of angle of triangle

Formula for angle formed by angle bisector of triangle

Questions on triangles & its angles

Questions on exterior angle theorem of triangle

Theory of congruent triangles

Congruent Triangles

SSS postulate

SAS postulate

ASA postulate

AAS postulate

RHS postulate

Prove that angle bisectors of triangle are concurrent

Prove that side opposite to equal angles are equal

Angle opposite to greater side is larger

Prove that side opposite to greater angle is longer

Prove that in triangle, sum of two sides is greater than third side

Prove that in triangle, difference of two side is less than third side

Sum of two sides of triangle is greater than twice the median

Isosceles triangle angle property

Isosceles triangle property of line from base to other side

Isosceles triangle property of two points on base

Prove that all angles of equilateral triangle are equal

Questions on congruent triangles

Angle bisector equidistant theorem

Explain and prove midpoint theorem

Converse of midpoint theorem with proof

Length of median of right triangle

Concept of Quadrilaterals

Quadrilateral types and definition

Quadrilateral shape

Properties of quadrilateral

Angles in a quadrilateral

Angle sum property of quadrilateral

Sum of exterior angle of quadrilateral

Area of quadrilateral when all sides are given

Diagonal of parallelogram divide it into congruent triangle

Prove that opposite sides of parallelogram are equal

Quadrilateral with equal opposite side is a parallelogram

Quadrilateral with equal opposite angle is a parallelogram

Prove that diagonals of parallelogram bisect each other

Prove that quadrilateral with bisected diagonals is a parallelogram

Prove that each angle of rectangle is a right angle

Prove that diagonals of rhombus are perpendicular

Area of Parallelogram & Triangle

Parallelograms with same base and between same parallel lines have equal area

Area of parallelogram and triangle

Questions on area of triangle and parallelogram

Area of triangles with same base and within same parallel lines

Prove that median divides the triangle into two equal parts

Midpoint theorem of trapezium

Prove that perpendicular line is the shortest distance between point and line

Equal intercept theorem

Independent and dependent variables

Quadrants of a cartesian plane

Coordinates of a point in cartesian plane

Plot points on cartesian plane

Common graph of function between x & y

Graph of y = mx + c

Drawing graph of y = mx + c

Questions on plotting point on cartesian plane

Coordinate Geometry – Objective questions

Questions on slope and intercept for y = mx + c

Questions on drawing graph of linear equation

Volume and surface area of cube

Questions on volume of cube

Questions on surface area of cube

Volume and surface area of cuboid

Questions on volume of cuboid

Questions on surface area of cuboid

Volume and surface area of cylinder

Questions on volume of cylinder

Questions on surface area of cylinder

Volume and surface area of hollow cylinder

Volume and surface area of cone

Volume of cone questions

Surface area of cone questions

Volume and surface area of sphere

Questions on volume of sphere

Questions on surface area of sphere

Probability and important terms

Definition of experiments in probability

Definition of sample space

Events & its types in probability

Complimentary events with examples

Mutually exclusive events with examples

Mutually non exclusive events with examples

Odds and Probability

Probability question on coin toss

Questions on probability and playing cards

Questions on probability of rolling a dice

Questions on probability of two dice

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