Grade 5 Math

5th Grade Arithmetic

Whole Numbers & its Operation

Addition of Whole Numbers

Subtraction of Whole Numbers

Multiplying Whole Numbers

Division of Whole Numbers

Integer Numbers & its Operations

Integer Numbers

Addition of Integer

Addition of Integers using number line

Subtraction of Integers using number line


Fraction Multiplication

Multiply Whole Number by Fraction

Multiplying Fractions

Multiplying Mixed Numbers

Fraction Division

Division of Fraction by Whole Number

Dividing Fractions

Convert Fraction to Decimal

Decimal Numbers

Decimal Place Value

Expanded form for Decimals

How to compare decimals ?

Convert decimals into fraction

Repeating decimals into fraction

How to add decimals ?

How to subtract decimals?

How to multiply decimals?

How to divide decimals?

Order of Operation

Order of Operation – BODMAS & PEMDAS


Introduction to Percents

Percent to Fraction

Fraction to Percent

Concept of Speed, Distance & Time

Speed, Distance and Time

What is average speed ?

5th Grade Geometry

Angles and its types


How to measure angle using protractor

Types of Angles

Acute Angle Definition

Right Angle Definition

Obtuse Angle Definition

Straight Angle Definition

Reflex Angle Definition

Angles on a straight line

Corresponding Angles

Alternate Angles

Same Side Interior Angles

Vertically Opposite Angles

Complementary Angles

Supplementary Angles

Lines and its Types

Intersecting Lines

Parallel Lines

Perpendicular Lines


Bisecting an Angle

Triangles: Types & Property

What is Triangle? – Definition & Examples

Scalene Triangle

Isosceles Triangle

Equilateral Triangle

Acute angle triangle

Right Triangle

Obtuse Triangle

Isosceles Right Triangle

Triangle Sum Theorem

Exterior Angle Theorem

Circle & its properties


Diameter and Radius

Quadrilateral – Types & Properties


Sum of angles of Quadrilateral






Isosceles Trapezium

Area in Mensuration

Area of Rectangle

Area of Square

Volume in Mensuration

What is Volume?

Units of Volume

Volume of Cube

Volume of Cuboid

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