Right Angle

Angle whose measurement is exact 90 degree is right angle.

The keyword here is exact 90 degree.
It it gets more than 90, the angle will becomes obtuse.
If it gets less than 90, the angle becomes acute.

Examples of Right Angle is given below:

What is Right angle

Right Angle & Its Part

Right Angle is formed by joining two rays at a common point at exactly 90 degree angle.

Some important parts of Right Angle is:

(a) Arms
The two rays joining to form the angle is known as Arms.

Here OA & OB are the two arms of the angle

Right angle definition

(b) Vertex
The common point at which the two ray join is called Vertex.

Here Point O is the vertex

Explain Right angle with examples

Drawing Right Angle using Protractor

In order to draw a right angle you need a device called Protractor.
Protractor can be easily purchased from the local stationary shop and its very cheap to buy.

Do the following steps for angle construction:

(a) Take a blank paper and draw a horizontal line OA

How to draw right angle

(b) Take protractor and place its center at point O (as given in figure)

Drawing right angle using protractor

(c) To make right angle you have to measure exact 90 degrees.
Find the 90 number in protractor and mark Point B

Making right angle

(d) Remove the protractor and join line OB

Using Protractor to make right angle

Thus we got Angle AOB = 90 degree

Right Angle in Geometrical Figure

Some common geometrical figures that form 90 degree angle are:

(a) Square
All the angles are exactly 90 degrees

Examples of right angle

(b) Right angled triangle
Here one angle is 90 degree

Right angled triangle

(c) Pentagon
Angle C & D are the two right angles

Learn Right angle for Grade 5 Saxon Math

(d) Quadrilateral
Angle A & D are 90 degree angles

Definition of Right angle as per Saxon Math

Right Angle – Practical Example

(A) Bread Slice making 90 degree angle

Bread slice form right angle

(B) 3 o’ clock making 90 degree angle

Clock forming right angle

(C) Basketball Court
Each corner is making 90 degree angle

Right angle examples

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