Grade 11 Mathematics


Sets definition, types, properties and examples

Sets operations and laws

Formulas for Set Theory

Cartesian Product of Sets

Relations and Functions

Concept of Relations and Function with example

Operations on Function

Trigonometric Function

Concept of Angle, Degree and Radian

Basic Trigonometry functions and values

Quadrants and Trigonometry Function

Trigonometry function value with angle rotation

Important Trigonometry Formulas – Grade 11

Mathematical Induction

Principle of Mathematical Induction with examples

Complex Numbers

Complex Number : Basic concept and arithmetic operations

Modulus and Conjugate in complex number


Inequality : Definition, Property and Rules

Solving Inequalities using Graph

Plot Multiple Inequality system

Permutations and Combinations

Basic Counting Principle

Permutation : basic concept, formulas and examples

Combination : basic concept, formulas and examples

Sequences and Series

Arithmetic Progression : Basic Concept and Formulas for Grade 11

Geometric Progression : Basic Concept and Formulas for Class 11

Sum of Squares of Natural Number, Even number and Odd Number

Sum of Cubes of Natural Number

Straight Lines

Equation of Line : General, Slope Intercept, Intercept and Normal Form

Formula for Distance of a Point from Line and Distance between Parallel lines

Limits and Derivatives

Introduction to Limits, Formulas and Examples

Concept of Sandwich Theorem or Squeeze Theorem with Examples

Basic concept of Derivative for Class 11

Derivative Property and Formula for Grade 11


Concept of Probability, Sample Space, Events for Grade 11

Important Probability Axioms and Formulas with example

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