Grade 7 Math

What are elements in a set?

Properties of Set

How to describe sets?

Representing number sets

Types of Sets

Cardinal Number of Set

Explain Subsets and its types

Universal Set

Important Set Operations

Union of Set

Intersection of Set

Difference of Set

Complement of Set

What are Ordered Pairs

Cartesian Product of Set

Understanding Relation in Math

Domain and Range of Relation

What is Function?


Absolute Value of Integer

Multiplication of Integers

Division of Integers

How to compare integers?

Using Brackets in Math

Basics of Fraction

Types of fractions

Like Fraction

Unlike Fraction

Proper Fraction

Improper Fraction

Adding Improper Fractions

Mixed Fractions

Equivalent fractions

Simplify Fractions to Lowest Terms

Multiplying Fractions

Divide Fractions with Mixed Number

Decimal Place Value

How to compare decimals ?

Adding decimals

Subtracting decimals

How to multiply decimals?

Multiply decimals and whole numbers

How to divide decimals?

Dividing decimals and whole numbers

Convert decimals into fraction

Convert Fraction to Decimal

Rounding off decimals

Rounding decimals to nearest tenth

Round decimals to nearest hundredth

Round decimals to nearest thousandth

Terminating decimals

Non Terminating decimals

Convert repeating decimal into fraction

Order of Operation – BODMAS & PEMDAS

Solving decimal expression using PEMDAS

Direct Variation Equations

Solving Direct Variation Equation using Unitary Method

Solving direct variation using ratio & proportion

Inverse Variation Equations

Solving inverse variation using unitary method

Solving Inverse variation using ratio & proportion

Divide Polynomials by Monomials

Square of sum formula \mathtt{( a\ +\ b)^{2}}

Square of difference formula \mathtt{( a\ -\ b)^{2}}

Difference of Square formula \mathtt{a^{2} -b^{2}}

Square of Trinomial \mathtt{( a+b+c)^{2}}

Cube of Sum formula \mathtt{( a+b)^{3}}

Cube of difference formula \mathtt{( a-b)^{3}}

Sum of Cube formula \mathtt{a^{3} +b^{3}}

Difference of Cube formula \mathtt{a^{3} - b^{3}}

Square of Binomial

Cube of Binomial

What is Equation?

What is Linear Equation?

How to solve linear equation?

What is Linear Inequality ?

Solving Linear Inequality

Properties of Inequality

Solution set of inequality


How to measure angle using protractor

Types of Angles

Acute Angle Definition

Right Angle Definition

Obtuse Angle Definition

Straight Angle Definition

Reflex Angle Definition

Angles on a straight line

Corresponding Angles

Alternate Angles

Same Side Interior Angles

Vertically Opposite Angles

Complementary Angles

Supplementary Angles

Lines and its Types

Intersecting Lines

Parallel Lines

Perpendicular Lines


Bisecting an Angle

Congruent Shape

Congruent Line Segments

Congruent Angles

Congruent Triangles

SSS postulate

SAS postulate

ASA postulate

AAS postulate

RHS postulate

Pythagoras Theorem Formula

Proof of Pythagoras theorem

Pythagoras Theorem Converse

Polygons and its types

Interior angles of Polygon

Sum of interior angle formula

Exterior angles of polygon

Convex Polygon

Concave Polygon

Regular Polygon

Irregular Polygons


Sum of angles of Quadrilateral






Isosceles Trapezium

Perimeter of Quadrilaterals

Convex and Concave Quadrilateral

Regular and Irregular quadrilateral

Axis of Symmetry

Types of symmetry

Point symmetry

Reflection symmetry

Rotational Symmetry

Angle of Rotational Symmetry

Order of Rotational Symmetry

Reflection definition math

Reflection of a Point

Reflection across x axis

Reflection across y axis

Reflection over the origin

Rotation in Math

90 degree clockwise rotation

90 degree counterclockwise rotation

180 degree clockwise – anticlockwise rotation

270 degree clockwise rotation

270 degree counterclockwise rotation

Quadrant Graph

Ordered Pair definition

Four Quadrants

Quadrant signs

Finding Coordinates of a point

Plot points on a graph

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