Obtuse Angle

Angle whose measurement is between 90 and 180 degree is an Obtuse Angle

If you want to draw obtuse angle, you can draw it from range 91 to 179 degree

Below are some examples of Obtuse Angle

What is Obtuse Angle

Parts of Obtuse Angle

Obtuse angle is made by joining two rays at common point.
The angle between the rays should be between 90 and 180 degrees.

Obtuse angle is made of following parts

(A) Arms
The two rays of the angle is known as Arms

Here OA and OB are the Arms

Obtuse Angle Definition

(B) Vertex
The common point where the rays join is known as Vertex

O is the vertex in the below figure

what is obtuse angle

Draw Obtuse Angle Using Protractor

In order to draw obtuse angle, do the following steps

(a) Take sheet of paper and draw horizontal line as given below
Name the line OA

Drawing Obtuse angle using protractor

(b) Take Protractor and place its center above the point 0 (as shown in below figure)

How do you draw obtuse angle

To make obtuse angle, you have option to form angle of 91 to 179 degree
Observe the range of angle option in below figure

what do you mean by obtuse angle

(c) Let us draw angle of 150 degree
Mark point B at 150 of protractor

Drawing Obtuse angle

(d) Remove the protractor and point point OB

Simple Method to construct Obtuse Angle

Hence we got the desired 150 degree angle

I hope you have understood the angle construction process and now you can draw any obtuse angle of our choice.

Obtuse Angle in Geometrical Figures

Obtuse Angle in Triangle
Obtuse Angle in Quadrilateral

Real Life Example – Obtuse Angle

Below objects make obtuse angle with its body

(1) Cloth Hanger

Real life example of Obtuse angle

(b) Clock showing 4 PM

Clock making obtuse angle

(C) Japanese Fan

Japanese Fan making obtuse angle with its body

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