WTSkills.com is a platform to provide math contents for students of Grade 1 to Grade 12 students.

The site offers complete math solution right from basic math tutorials to math practice worksheets for students.

The platform is suitable;

(a) for students looking to develop math skills and want to ace math exams like SAT, ACT , Olympiad etc.

(b) teachers looking for math worksheets

WTSkills is dedicated to provide you quality study material which can help you develop a strong footing as compared to fellow students.

We as a team understand that every student has different learning capability and method to remember things and it is the duty of the teacher to understand the individual requirement and deliver the subject accordingly.

This is why we have developed the platform so that we can make study material easy and practical to understand so that any student who has weak math background can develop interest in the subject.

About the Founder

I, Preet Karan, is the founder of this website.

I am an MBA and engineer by qualification.

This website is a result of my passion towards teaching and mathematics.

In my school days, math was considered as the most dreaded subject. The different calculation techniques and formulas always make apprehensive towards this skill.

With time i realized that the way math has been taught by our teacher is not the optimal way to recognize the importance of this subject.

Our teachers make the subject boring and tedious to understand. They lecture us to mug up the formulas and topics without understanding its context and real life application.

I decided to learn the subject on my own and realized how interesting it’s concepts are.

Using the website I have endeavored to share my knowledge and inspire the kids to love this subject and reach their highest potential.

I am also open for online teaching if the student feel interested.

Feel free to contact me at below address.

Name : Preet Karan

Email : preetkaran.31@gmail.com

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