Grade 8 Math

Introduction to Set Theory

How to represent sets ?

Cardinal Number of Set

Types of Sets

Finite and Infinite sets

Equal and Equivalent sets

Explain Subsets and its types

Universal Set

Power set

Important Set Operations

Union of Set

Intersection of Set

Difference of Set

Complement of Set

Venn diagram in set theory

Union of set – Venn diagram

Intersection of sets – Venn diagram

Disjoint sets – Venn diagram

Difference of sets – Venn diagram

What are Ordered Pairs

Cartesian Product of Set

Understanding Relation in Math

Domain and Range of Relation

What is Function?

What is square of number ?

Square of negative number

Square of fraction numbers

Square of decimal numbers

Perfect square

Square root

What is cube of number ?

Cube of negative number

Cube of Fraction numbers

Cube of decimal numbers

Perfect cube

Cube root

Rational Numbers

Positive rational numbers

Negative rational number

Equivalent rational numbers

Properties of rational number

All natural numbers are rational numbers ?

Every rational number is an integer ?

Every integer is a rational number ?

Every rational number is a fraction ?

Every fraction is a rational number ?

Is number 0 a rational number ?

Standard form of rational number

Comparison of rational number

Arrange rational number in ascending order

Arrange rational number in descending order

Rational number on number line

Addition of rational numbers

Adding rational number with same denominator

Adding rational numbers with different denominator

Property of addition of rational number

Subtraction of rational number

Subtracting numbers with same denominator

Subtracting rational numbers with different denominator

Addition & Subtraction of rational numbers

How to multiply rational numbers ?

Properties of multiplication of rational numbers

Reciprocal of rational numbers

Division of rational numbers

Properties of division of rational numbers

Find rational numbers between two numbers

What are Power / Exponents ?

Laws of exponent

Product rule for exponents

Quotient rule for exponents

Power rule for exponents

Multiplying exponent with different base

Power of quotient rule for exponents

Negative exponent rules

Zero exponents rule

Multiplying exponents

Dividing exponents

What are rational exponents ?

Square of number

Square of negative numbers

Perfect Square

Properties of Perfect Square

Square root

Finding square root using prime factorization method

Calculating square root using long division method

Square root of decimals

Square root of fractions

Square root on non perfect square

Square root table from 1 to 100

Algebraic expression

Adding algebraic expression

Subtracting algebraic expression

How to multiply exponents?

Power in Math & its Properties

Multiplying Monomials

Multiplying polynomials

Multiplying Binomial using FOIL method

Dividing Monomials

Factorizing monomial

Greatest common factor of monomials

Least common multiple of monomials

LCM of monomial using factorization method

Factorizing Polynomials

Factorizing polynomial when monomial is common

Factorization when binomial is common

Factorization by grouping

Factorizing polynomial by regrouping

Factorization using formulas

Factorize perfect square trinomial

Factorize difference of two squares

Factoring quadratic trinomial

HCF of polynomial using factorization

LCM of polynomials

Algebraic Fractions

Arithmetic and Algebraic fractions

Simplifying algebraic fractions

Adding algebraic fractions

Subtracting algebraic fractions

Multiplying algebraic fractions

Dividing algebraic fractions

What are equations ?

What is linear equation ?

Solving linear equations

Linear equation using cross multiplication method

Problems on linear equation with one variable

Word Problems in linear equation with one variable

Direct Variation Equations

Solving Direct Variation Equation using Unitary Method

Solving direct variation using ratio & proportion

Inverse Variation Equations

Solving inverse variation using unitary method

Solving Inverse variation using ratio & proportion

Simultaneous linear equations

Substitute method for system of equations

Elimination method for system of equation

Cross Multiplication method for system of equations

Solvability of linear equations

Word problems on simultaneous linear equations

Linear inequality

Solving linear inequality

Properties of inequality

Basics of Quadratic equations

Solving quadratic equation using factorization

Solving quadratic equation using formula

Fraction into percent

Percent into fraction

Percentage into ratio

Ratio into percentage

Percentage into decimal

Decimal into percentage

Calculate percent of given number

How much percent a number is that of another number ?

Find increase in Percentage

Percentage decrease calculation

Quadrant Graph

Ordered Pair definition

Four Quadrants

Quadrant signs

Finding Coordinates of a point

Plot points on a graph

Graphing linear equations with two variables

Graphing simultaneous equation

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