Natural Numbers

Definition of Whole Numbers

Number 0 and its Properties

Property of Whole Numbers

Addition of Whole Number using Number Line

Subtraction of Whole Number using Number Line

Multiplication of Whole Number using Number Line

Whole Numbers

Properties of Addition

Commutative Property of Addition

Associative property of Addition

Distributive Property of Addition

Identity Property of Addition

Inverse Property of Addition

Addition property of Equality

Properties of Subtraction

Subtraction Property of Equality

Property of Multiplication

Commutative Property of Multiplication

Associative Property of Multiplication

Inverse Property of Multiplication

Identity Property of Multiplication

Zero Property of Multiplication

Multiplication Property of Equality

Property of Division

Division is inverse of Multiplication

Introduction to Fractions

What is Fraction?

Different types of fractions

Representing Fraction on number line

Writing Fraction in form of division

Convert Mixed Number to Improper Fraction

Convert Improper Fraction to Mixed Fraction

What are equivalent fractions?

How to simplify fraction to lowest terms?

How to compare fractions?

Methods to add fractions

How to add fractions with same denominator?

How to add fractions with different denominator?

Subtraction of Fraction

How to subtract fractions with different denominator?

Number Lines

Concept of Number Line

Number line addition

Subtraction using number line

Multiplication using number line

Ratio and Proportion

Definition of Ratio with examples

What is Part to Part Ratio?

What is Part to Whole Ratio?

Simplifying ratios to lowest terms

How to compare ratios?

What are equivalent ratios?

Converting fractional ratio into whole number ratio

What are Proportions?

What is Direct Proportion (Direct Variation)?

What is Inverse Proportion (Inverse Variation)?

Difference between direct and inverse variation

What is a constant?

What is variable in math?

Difference between constant and variables

Terms in Math

What are like terms? How to combine like terms?

what are unlike terms?

What is Coefficient in math?

Important Algebra Terms

Algebraic expression and its types

Degree of Polynomial

Adding Polynomials

Subtracting Polynomials

How to multiply exponents?

Power in Math & its Properties

Multiplying Monomials

Multiplying polynomials

Multiplying Binomial using FOIL method

Dividing Monomials


In this chapter you will have good understanding about the integers and its properties. You will also learn to perform mathematical computation like addition, multiplication of integers.

Factors and Multiples

What are factors and multiples? What are different methods of calculating factors and multiple of numbers? All these questions are answered in the chapter. You will also learn to calculate factors and multiples of numbers which are important for your exams.


In this chapter, following concepts have been explained
==> Basics concept of geometry
==> Concepts of Points
==> Concepts of Line, Line segments and Rays
==> Concepts of Curves
==> Important Math Figures like Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Quadrilateral and Circle
==> Concept of symmetry and its examples


In this chapter we will understand following concepts
==> What is Mensuration?
==> Use of Mensuration in daily life
==> What is Perimeter?
==> How to calculate perimeter of important shapes
==> What is area?
==> How to calculate area of important shapes

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