Volume of cylinder questions -01

(01) The height of right circular cylinder is 14 cm and its curved surface area is 704 sq cm. Then find volume of the cylinder

diagram of cylinder
volume of right circular cylinder formula for aptitude exam like SSC, SSC-CGL, SSC-CHSL, RBI, NTPC, GMAT, CAT

(02) The radius of the cylinder is half its height and the area of inner part is 616 sq cm. Find how much litres of milk the cylinder can contain?

How to find volume of cylinders
Calculate the curved surface area of cylinder
equation for volume of cylinder. This equation is important part of mensuration chapter
Height of cylinder aptitude questions for  exams like GMAT, CAT, SSC, SSC-CGL, SSC-CHSL, NTPC, RBI, Banking, IBPS
Formula for volume of cylinder along with solved question

Hence the cylinder can contain 1.54 litres of milk

(03) The sum of the radius of base and height of solid cylinder is 37 meters. If the total surface area of cylinder be 1628 sq meters, then find the volume of cylinder?

Formula for total surface area of cylinder

(04) A cylindrical tank of diameter 35 cm is full of water. If 11 liters of water is drawn off, the water level in tank will drop by how many liters?

how to find volume of cylinder for aptitude exams like SSC, SSC-CGL, SSC-CHSL, IBPS, SBI, Banking, RBI, UPSC, GMAT, CAT
Formula for calculating volume of cylinder
Volume and surface area of cylinder questions for aptitude exams like GMAT, CAT, MAT,

(05) A well of 14 m inside diameter is dug 10 meter deep . Earth taken out of it is evenly spread all around it to a width of 21 meter to form an embankment . Find the height of embankment

Surface area of cylinder
How to find surface area of cylinder
Formula for surface area of cylinder

Hence height of the embankment is 2/3 meter

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