Volume of Cube and Cuboid Questions

(1) The volume of rectangular block of stone is 10368 cu m. Its dimension are in the ratio 3 : 2: 1. If entire surface is polished at the rate 2 paise per sq. m. Then find the total cost of polishing.

Cuboid diagram along with dimensions
how to find volume of cuboid
Surface Area of cuboid
Volume and Surface Area aptitude questions

Hence Rs 63.69 will be the final cost to polish the whole surface area

(02) The maximum length of a pencil that can be kept in a rectangular box of dimension 8 cm * 6 cm * 2 cm is ?

longest rod in cuboid
Diagonal of cuboid
Length of diagonal of cuboid when dimensions are given

(03) How many bricks each measuring 25 cm * 11.25 cm * 6 cm will be needed to build a wall 8 m * 6 m * 22.5 cm

Volume and surface area questions
how to solve volume of cube questions

Hence 6400 bricks needed to build the required wall.

(04) A hall is 15 m long and 12 m broad. if sum of the area of floor and ceiling is equal to the sum of area of four walls. Find the volume of the hall?

volume of room calculation
calculating volume of hall when area of floor and ceiling is given

(05) A cistern of capacity 8000 liters measures externally 3.3 m by 2.6 m by 1.1 m and its walls are 5 cm thick. Find the thickness of the bottom of the cistern

Calculating volume of rectangular tank
Volume and surface area aptitude questions and solutions for GMAT, CAT, SSC, Olympiad examinations
Water and tank problems for quantitative aptitude

Hence 10 cm is the thickness of the bottom of the cistern

(06) A rectangular water tank is 80 m * 40 m. Water flows into it through pipe 40 sq cm at the opening at the speed of 10 Km/Hr. By how much the water level will rise in half an hour?

Volume of room formula

Hence 20 cu. meter volume of water flows through the pipe into the tank.

Now the rise in tank’s water level can be calculated as:

Volume of rectangular cube

The water level rises by 5/8 cm in half an hour.

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