Volume of Cube and Cuboid Questions -03

(01) An iron cube of side 10 cm is hammered into a rectangular sheet of thickness 0.5 cm. If the side of the sheet are in the ratio 1:5, then find the length of the sides of the cuboid

Volume of cube and cuboid questions
Calculate the volume of a cube

(02) Three cubes of iron whose edges are 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm respectively are melted and formed into a single cube. The edge of the new cube formed is?

Volume of cube questions
Formula for volume of cube

(03) A cube of edge 5 cm is cut into cubes each of edge 1 cm. The ratio of the total surface area of one of the small cube to that of the large cube is equal to?

calculate surface area of cube
Surface area of cube formula

(04) The volume of two cubes are in the ratio 8 : 27. Then the ratio of the area of the face of one cube to that of another is?

Diagram of two cubes to calculate their surface area
How to calculate surface area of cube
Cube surface area calculation

(05) If the edge of a cube is increased by 25%, then percentage increase in its surface area is

questions related to surface area of cube
surface area of cube calculation

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