Volume and Surface Area of Cylinder Questions -02

In this post we will discuss questions related to volume and surface area of right circular cylinder.

Students who are preparing for competition exams like GMAT, CAT, SSC, AFCAT, NDA, SBI, IBPS etc. are confused about “how to find the volume of right circular cylinder”.

Through this post they will understand the concept and technique to solve the questions related to volume and surface area of cylinder.
Understand that in each concept of mensuration, there are lists of formulas which are very crucial to solve the problems. Make sure to remember each of the formulas explained in the answer

(01) Water flows through a cylindrical pipe of internal diameter 7 cm at 2 meter/sec. What is the volume of water discharged in 10 minutes?

Find volume of hollow cylinder
Curved surface area of cylinder formula
csa of cylinder formula

Hence volume of water flown in 10 minutes = 4620 litres

(02) The number of coins of radius 0.75 cm and thickness 0.2 cm is melted to make a right circular cylinder of height 8 cm and base radius 3 cm is. Find the number of coins used to make the cylinder

Volume of cylinder
Mensuration aptitude questions for competition examinations
Volume and surface area of cylinder for competition exams like SSC, AFCAT, NDA, UPSC
Volume of right circular cylinder questions

Hence 640 coins are used to make the cylinder

(03) Two circular vessels with radii 15cm and 10 cm and heights 35 cm and 15 cm respectively filled with water. If this water is poured fully into a cylindrical vessel 15 cm in height, then find the radius of the vessel

how to find volume of cylinder for aptitude exams
Volume and surface area of cylinder calculation
Volume of right circular cylinder calculation

Hence Radius of new vessel is 25 cm

(04) A cylindrical tube open at both ends is made up of metal. The internal diameter of the tube is 11.2 cm and its length is 21cm. The metal everywhere is 0.4 cm thick. Find the volume of the metal

Diagram of right circular cylinder
Volume of cylinder with a hole
calculation of volume of right circular cylinder

(05) A hollow iron pipe is 21 cm long and its external diameter is 8 cm. if the thickness of the pipe is 1 cm and iron weighs 8 gram/cu cm, then find the weight of pipe

How to calculate volume of  cylinder for aptitude exams
how do you find volume of cylinder

Hence the weight of the pipe is 3.696 KG

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