Using Comma in numbers

In Indian System we use commas to mark thousands, lakhs and crores.
Commas help us understanding the number value faster.

In the future when you all grow up, you will have to visit bank for personal and professional reasons. That time this concept will help you to identify number faster

Example 1
Analyze use of commas in 5,08,01,592

use of comma in maths

From above you can see how we have used comma to separate different numbers
–> Comma a is used to separate Thousands from hundreds
–> Comma b is used to separate Lakh from thousands
–> Comma c is used to separate Crores from Lakhs

Example 2
Use commas in number 527864

use of commas in numbers

In the expression we have used two commas
comma a –>to separate hundreds from thousands
comma b–> to separate lakhs from thousands

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