Time, Speed and Distance Questions

This is another topic from where questions are asked in various aptitude examinations. if you preparing for exams like GMAT, CAT or targeting any company placement process, you need to develop math solving skills for good results.

Time, Speed and Distance is important topic where questions are repeatedly asked. The questions are not that hard but you need to develop the calculating speed so that you can solve its questions within required time frame.

Question 01

A train travels at an average of 50 miles per hour for 2.5 hours and then travels at a speed if 70 miles per hour for 1.5 hour. How far did the train travel in the entire 4 hours?

Speed of train (S1) = 50 miles
Time duration (T1)= 5/2 hour

Formula for Time, Speed and Distance                   
Distance (D1) = speed x time

=50 x 5/2
=125 miles

 And speed of train (S2) = 70 miles
Time Duration (T2)= 3/2 hour

  Distance (D2) = 70 x 3/2
= 105 miles

Therefore, total distance travelled by the train (D1+D2) = 125 + 105 miles = 230 miles.

Ans. The train travelled 230 miles.

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