Perpendicular Lines

Two lines are said to be perpendicular when they intersect to form right angle (or 90 degrees)

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Below are some examples of Perpendicular Lines

What are Perpendicular lines?

Angle in Perpendicular Lines

When you extend both the lines of perpendicular angle, you will find that all the angle developed are 90 degrees

Perpendicular Line definition

In the above image you can see that angle formed by line extensions are 90 degree
\angle A\ = \angle B\ = \angle C\ = \angle D\ = 90 degree

Symbol for Perpendicular Lines

Perpendicular lines are represented by ” \perp ” symbol.

Hence if line A & B are perpendicular to each other, this can be written in short form as:

Perpendicular line example

How to construct Perpendicular lines

We will discuss two methods to draw perpendicular lines:
(a) Using Ruler
(b) Using Protractor

Drawing Perpendicular lines using Ruler

Follow the below steps

(a) Draw horizontal line using ruler

How to draw perpendicular lines

(b) Now arrange the ruler vertically on the horizontal line

How to form perpendicular lines

(c) Draw vertical line with the help of ruler

How to construct perpendicular lines

(d) Remove the ruler and you will have perpendicular line

Example of perpendicular line

Drawing Vertical Line using Protractor

(a) Take Protractor and draw horizontal line using protractor straight side

Drawing perpendicular line using protractor

(b) Use the Protractor to draw a line with 90 degree angle

Angles in Perpendicular line

(c) Remove the protractor and you will have perpendicular lines

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Frequently Asked Questions :- Perpendicular lines

(01) Difference between Parallel & Perpendicular lines

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Parallel lines do not intersect.
Perpendicular lines intersect at 90 degree angle

(02) Is line intersecting at 30 degree perpendicular?

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No, Perpendicular lines intersects at 90 degree angle

(03) Can we make perpendicular lines parallel?

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just rotate one of the lines by 90 degrees

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