Missing Number 1-10 Worksheet

This post is a collection of series of questions where you have to fill the appropriate order of number from 1 to 10. We have taken the help of illustrated diagram so that the kid find it entertaining to solve the questions.

I have always believed that education should be interesting and thought provoking for students that’s why we have made our effort to make study material as engaging as possible.

All the questions are suitable for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students which are part of US & Canada Math Curriculum.

Missing Number 1 to 10 Worksheet with Solutions

(01) Four caterpillars are given below.
Fill up the empty space with the right order of numbers

Math activity for Grade 1 students

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Worksheet for Grade 1 Students USA

(02) Two series of apples are shown in the below image.
Fill up the appropriate series of numbers in the empty apple

Counting numbers 1 to 10 games and worksheets
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Counting Objects for Grade 1 and Kindergarten students

(03) Fill up the empty train with correct sequence of numbers

Counting 1 to 10 worksheets for kindergarten students USA & Canada

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Grade 1 math worksheets number 01 to 10

(04) Fill up the missing number in the empty space

Kindergarten Math worksheets 1 to 10
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Number counting worksheets

(05) Count the number of fingers and fill up the missing numbers

Counting numbers 1 to 10 worksheet USA Math Curriculum

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Grade 01 Counting for Fun

(06) Fill up the missing number in the below image

missing number worksheet for number 01 to 10
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missing number worksheet for kindergarten and Grade 1 Math Student USA and Canada

(07) Fill up the missing number and help the mouse fetch its cheese

Counting practice questions for  Grade 1 American and Canada students
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Counting and Missing number worksheets for Grade 1 and Kindergarten students

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