Line, Line Segment and Ray for Grade 6 Maths

What is a line?

  • A line is a straight one-dimensional figure that extends in both the directions without any end (infinitely)
  • It consists of countless number of points.
what is line in maths

Here, line passes through point A and point B, therefore, it is written as AB (and read as line AB)
The arrow on AB indicates that it extends on both sides endlessly.

What is a ray?

  • A part of a line with a start point but no end point, is called a ray.
  • It goes endlessly in one direction
definition of ray
example of ray in maths

What is a line segment?

  • A part of a line that has two end points in both the directions, is called a line segment.
  • It is the shortest distance between two points
what is line segment
example of line segment

What are intersecting lines?

When two or more lines cross each other, they are called intersecting lines.
If two lines have common point, they are called intersecting lines

what are intersecting lines
example of intersecting line

What are parallel lines?

Two lines that never intersect each other, are called parallel lines.
Two lines which never cross each other at any point, are called parallel lines

Parallel line definition
example of parallel line

How points are arranged to form a triangle?

For making a triangle three points are needed and at least one of the three point should not be collinear (on same line).


Example of non collinear point

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