Learn to count numbers 11 to 20 – Grade 1 Math

We have already learnt numbers counting from 1 to 10 in our previous post. In this post we will understand numbers from 11 to 20 with the help of illustrations and pictures.

I request all the students to start practicing these numbers in the notebook as it takes some time to remember these numbers. After going through the concepts, you can move on to practice questions which we have developed with the help of qualified and dedicated in-house teachers.

Numbers 11 to 20 in Words

Below are the numbers 11 to 20 in exact order

Identifying number 11 to 15 with words
how to write number 16 to 20 in words

Understanding number 11 to 20 using Beads

Using the help of animated beads we will try to understand the value and significance of number 11 to 20.

(a) Number 11

Number 11 can be expressed as:
⟹ 10 + 1
⟹ 11

Counting number 11 to 20

(b) Number 12

Number 12 can be expressed as:
⟹ 10 + 2
⟹ 12

Identifying number 11 to 20 for Grade 01 US students

(c) Number 13

Teaching number counting from 11 to 20

(d) Number 14

Learn about numbers 11 to 20

(e) Number 15

Lear how to count number from 11 to 20

(f) Number 16

(g) Number 17

(h) Number 18

Number Counting for Grade 1 USA and Canada Students

(i) Number 19

Lessons on Number Counting for Kindergarten and Grade 1 Students from USA and Canada

(j) Number 20

How to count numbers from 11 to 20

Counting Numbers from 11 to 20

Here we will try to understand numbers with the help of images. For every number we have presented the object with the same number count so that you can understand the concept easily.

Counting numbers from 11 to 20
numbers 11 to 20 with pictures for Grade 1 and Kindergarten students
Learn how to count numbers from 11 to 20 as per American Curriculum
Numbers 11-20 Learning for Kids
Learn Count to 20 for Grade 1 students as per US and Canada Math Curriculum
how to teach number 11 to 20
Learn to write numbers 11 to 20
Learning numbers from 11 to 18 for Grade 1 Students as per American Curriculum
Number Counting exercise for Grade 1 and kindergarten children
Identifying numbers from 11 to 20 for grade 1 and Kindergarten children

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