Irregular polygon

In this chapter we will learn about irregular polygon with properties and examples.

Let us first review the basics of polygons.

What is Polygon ?

Polygon is a two dimensional closed shape made by straight lines.

The polygons has been named on the basis of number of sides.

For example;
Polygon with 5 sides is known as Pentagon.

Polygon with 8 sides is known as Octagon and so on.

What is Irregular Polygon?

The polygon in which all angles and sides are not equal are called irregular polygon.

The irregular polygon shows following features;

(a) All side length is not equal.

(b) Interior angles are also different.

(c) Irregular Polygon can be of two types; convex and concave.

Convex Irregular Polygon

It is a irregular polygon in which all the interior angles are less than 180 degree

Concave irregular Polygon

It’s a irregular polygon in which one of the interior angle is greater than 180 degree.

All the concave polygons are irregular polygons.

Examples of Irregular Polygons

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