Geometry Meaning and Definition

Geometry is basically a study of points, lines, angles, objects, plane and space.

The word geometry is made up of “Geo” and “metron”.
“Geo” means earth and “metron” means to measure. Hence Geometry means science of measuring earth.
However this is very ancient meaning, the word geometry has now advanced to knowledge of different geometrical shapes and structure.

Meaning of Geometry

But why should you study geometry?
Because geometry is very useful and practical form of mathematics.

Imagine you are building a house and you want it to be unique and beautiful.
To design any building, you should have advance knowledge of geometrical and construction design. That is why we hire architecture professional for design of buildings.

Why study geometry

Right from building straight roads to designing airplane, you need knowledge of geometry as all the product require knowledge of lines and shapes.

Now there are different form of geometry

a. Study of 2 dimension (2D) shapes
Shapes like square, rectangle, triangle, circle, etc are two dimensional in nature.
Studying the shapes and design of these shapes comes under 2D Geometry

b. Study of 3 Dimensional shapes (3D)
Shapes like cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone etc are three dimensional in nature.
Study of these type of shapes comes under 3D Geometry

In both 2D and 3D Geometry we analyze the angles, dimensions and shapes of figures provided to us. So basically it is the study of the design and dimension of the structure

c. Coordinate Geometry
Coordinate Geometry is basically the study of position of points. If you want to find the distance between two point in a room, this form of geometry can help you to solve the problem.

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