Factors of 23 – Using Prime Factorization Method

Factors of 23 are basically the numbers which can divide 23 without leaving any remainder.

In order to find the factors we will take the help of Prime Factorization tool.
Prime Factorization help us find the prime number which are factor of any particular number. After getting all the prime factors we can combine them to get every possible factor.

Prime Factorization of 23

Step 1:
Check if number is divisible by 2 –> NO
Check if number is divisible by 3 –> NO
Check if number is divisible by 5 –> NO

Actually 23 is a prime number and is only divisible by 1 and 23

So prime factorization of 23 can be represented as

Factors of 23

The number 23 = 1 * 23 are the product of prime factors.

Total Factors
So there are two factors of 23 ==> 1 and 23
Both 1 and 23 are the number which will fully divide 23 without any remainder

Hence both 1 and 23 are the factors of number 23

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