Cube and Cuboid Questions -02

(01) If the areas of the three adjacent faces of a cuboidal box are 120 sq cm, 72 sq cm and 60 sq cm respectively. Then find the volume of the box

how to find volume of cuboid
Surface area of cuboid
volume of a cuboid

Hence volume of the box is 720 cu cm

(02) The cost of paint is Rs 36.5 per kg. If 1 Kg of paint covers 16 square feet. How much will it cost to paint outside of a cube 8 feet each side

Surface area of a cube
how to find surface area of cube

(03) The dimensions of a piece of iron in the shape of cuboid are 270 cm * 100 cm * 64 cm. If it is melted and recast into a cube , then the surface area of a cube will be?

formula for volume of cube and cuboid
Calculate volume of cube
questions related to surface area of cube

Hence the surface area of cube is 86,400 sq cm

(04) How many cubes of 10 cm edge can be put in a cubical box of 1 m edge?

how to find the volume of cube for aptitude questions
Formula for volume of cube

(05) A rectangular box measures internally 1.6 m long, 1m broad and 60 cm deep. The number of cubical blocks each of edge 20 cm that can be packed inside the box is?

Diagram that show how to find volume of cube and cuboid
what is the formula for volume of rectangular box
equation and formula for volume of cube

Hence 120 cubes can be packed inside the box

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