Congruent Shape

In this post we will learn about the congruent shape with examples.

In the end we will also understand the difference between congruent and similar shape.

What is congruent shape ?

Two shapes are said to be congruent when they have same shape and size.

This means that when congruent shapes are superimposed, they will completely overlap each other.

Examples of Congruent Shape

(a) Two lines are congruent when both have same length.

(b) Two squares are congruent when they the side length is same.

what is congruent in geometry

(c) Two circles are congruent when they have the same radius.

congruent circle

(d) Two rectangles are congruent when the measurement of respective length and breadth is same.

meaning of congruent in geometry

(e) Two triangles are congruent when they have same length of sides.

what are congruent shapes

What’s the difference between congruent shapes and similar shape ?

Congruent shapes have exactly same shape and size.

⟹ Two circles with 4 cm radius are congruent as both shape and size is same.

⟹ Two rectangles and 3 cm length and 5 cm breadth are congruent.

Similar shapes have same shape but different size.

⟹ Two circles with radius 4 cm and 2 cm are similar as shape is same but size is different.

⟹ Lines with 3 cm and 5 cm length are similar.

How to get congruent shape ?

We now know that congruent images have same shape and measurement.

You can easily get the congruent shape by ;

(a) Getting the image reflection on mirror

examples of congruent shapes

Here triangle (A) is the original image and (B) is its mirror reflection.

You can see that both image (A) & (B) are congruent as they have same shape and size.

(b) Rotating or tilting

When you rotate, tilt or flip any given shape you will get its congruent image.

how to draw congruent shapes

In the above image, rectangle (B) is formed by tilting rectangle (A).

Since both shape have same shape and size, they are congruent to each other.

By changing the direction of any given image we can get its congruent shape.

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