Coding & Decoding – Non Verbal Ability

In this post we will discuss questions off coding and decoding which is important part of non verbal ability syllabus.
As the name suggests, you have to basically decode the relationships of entity given in the question. All the questions follow some specific rule and you have to find that rule using logic and hit & trial method.

This is one of the most interesting subject of logical reasoning chapter. If you solve questions with right attitude, you will find yourself enjoying the problem solving process.

The questions given below are fully solved with step by step description so that you get fully prepared to solve these questions on you own.

Coding Decoding Questions

Q1.  If ‘EDITION’ is written as ‘IDETNOI’ how is ‘MEDICAL’ written in that code ?

(a) DEMILAC      (b) LACIMED



coding and decoding questions for logical reasoning

So here our letter 1, 3, 5, 7 have cross relationship
And rest has direct relationship
So in the same way we make our code for MEDICAL

coding decoding non verbal ability questions

Hence DEMILAC is our answer

Q2.  In a certain code ‘KINDLE’ is written as ‘ELDNIK’ how ‘EXOTIC’ can be written in that code ?

(a) EXIOTC                      (b) COXITE

 (c) CXOTIE                     (d) CITOXE


So here we find that they have reverse relationship.
That is the number are arranged in reverse order

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Here the code of KINDLE is written in its reverse order as ELDNIK So code for EXOTIC is

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Hence CITOXE is our answer

Q3.  If 35674 is written as 57896, how will 4213 be written as?

(a) 6435              (b) 5397

(c) 5889              (d) 5376

Solution– Let us draw the representation of the code given in question

method to solve coding decoding questions

Here we get a increment of +2 in each code
So code for 4213 is

Coding Decoding Verbal Reasoning questions and answers

hence 6435 is our answer

Q4.  If ‘Madagascar’ can be written as 4727879670, then Madras can be written as :

(a) 424290                     (b) 427409

(c) 472079                     (d) 472490


how to solve coding decoding logical reasoning questions

Here each letter has their particular numeral value.
Use the above relationship to find code for Madras

So code for Madras is

Coding Decoding solved problems with step by step answers

Hence 472079 is our answer

Q5.  If B = 2, A = 1, M = 3, R = 5, E = 6, O = 7, the sum of the letters of which of the following words will give the highest number ?

(a)BORE              (b) ROOM

(c) MORE            (d) RARE

Solution-Here we find the sum of all letters in each word

            BORE= 2 + 7 + 5 + 6 =20

            ROOM= 5 + 7 + 7 + 3 =22

            MORE= 3 + 7 + 5 + 6 =21

            RARE= 5 + 1 + 5 + 6 =17

 So we get highest sum in ROOM

Hence ROOM is our answer

Q6.  If BET = ROD, CAN = SIM and MUG = LAN, then MEN = ?

(a) LOM               (b) OLM

 (c) MOL              (d) LMO


Coding Decoding short tricks
important logical reasoning and verbal ability questions for competition exams

Here each letter has their particular code. Use the above relationship to find code for MEN

So code for MEN is

coding and decoding aptitude questions

Hence LOM is our answer

Q7.  If ‘ACTOR’ is coded as ‘ZXGLI’, and ‘BOOK’ is coded as ‘YLLP’, then ‘PENCIL’ will be coded as

(a) KVMXRO       (b) KUMRXO

 (c) KZIXDG         (d) KVMXOR


Learn how to solve coding decoding related questions

Here each letter is coded in reverse order of their alphabetical series.

For Example
==>Letter A is the first alphabet in English
Letter Z is last alphabet {first from last}
Both are opposite, hence are coded together

==> Letter B is the second alphabet in English
Letter Y is second last alphabet
Both are opposite, hence are coded together

This is how coding is done in this question

So code of PENCIL can be written as

Non verbal ability questions for competition exams

Hence KVMXRO is our answer

Q8.  If each of the letters in the English alphabet is assigned an even numerical value beginning A = 2, B = 4 and so on, what will be the total value of the letters for the word INDIA ?

(a) 72                   (b) 86

 (c) 74                  (d) 94

Here each letters are coded in such a way that they are two times their alphabetical value

First we find the position of each letter of INDIA then we multiply it by 2

important coding decoding questions

I ==> is the 9th alphabet in English
In order to get the code me multiply 9 by 2
9 * 2 = 18

N ==>is the 14th alphabet of English
we multiply 14* 2 = 28

This is how coding is done for this question

Hence 18+28+8+18+2=74 is our answer

Q9.  In a certain code language Sue Re Nik means She is brave, Pi Sor Re Nik means She is always smiling and Sor Re Zhi means Is always cheerful. What is the code used for the word ‘smiling’ ?

(a) Nik                  (b) Re

(c) Pi                     (d) Sor

Solution- In this type of question we find the relationship between every word to their code

In each sentence we first find the word which have multiple repetition
–> Here Re is in first, second and third sentence and is is common code of all three sentence, hence Re is coded as is

–> And nik is in first and second sentence and she is common in both sentences, hence nik is coded as she

–> Sor is in first and second sentence so it is for always

–> As at last we get pi is code for smiling

Hence pi is our answer

Q 10.  If REASON is coded as 5 and BELIEVED as 7, what is the code number for GOVERNMENT ?

(a) 6          (b) 8

 (c) 9         (d) 10

Here REASON is coded as 5

Number of letter in REASON = 6
Code for REASON = Number of letter – 1
Code for REASON = 6 – 1 => 5

Here coding is done on the basis of formula => Number of letter -1

Similarly BELIEVED is coded as 7 that is 8-1=7

In same way for GOVERNMENT number of letters are 10
And their code will be 10-1=9

Hence 9 is our answer

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