Class 6 Maths- Exercise 7.3-Question 06 to 09

(06) Check whether the given fractions are equivalent

Both the fractions are made up of prime numbers, hence are present in simplest form.
We can easily observe that the numbers are not equivalent

(7) Reduce the following fractions to simplest form

(8) Ramesh had 20 pencils, Sheelu had 50 pencils and Jamaal had 80 pencils. After 4 months, Ramesh used up 10 pencils, Sheelu used up 25 pencils and Jamaal used up 40 pencils. What fraction did each use up? Check if each has used up an equal fraction of her/his pencils?

Total Pencils = 20
Pencil Used = 10
Fraction of Pencil used= 10/20 =1/2

Total Pencils = 50
Pencil Used = 25
Fraction of Pencil used= 25/50 =1/2

Total Pencils = 80
Pencil Used = 40
Fraction of Pencil used= 40/80 =1/2

Yes all the three people used equal fraction of pencils, i.e. 1/2


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