Class 6 Maths- Exercise 4.3 – All Questions

(1) Name the angles in the given figure.

Sol. In a polygon, no. of angles = no. of sides

Here, there are 4 sides of the polygon. Hence, there are 4 angles.

∠DAB, ∠ABC, ∠BCD and ∠CDA

(Note – ∠DAB denotes ∠A)

(2) In the given diagram, name the point(s)

a. In the interior of ∠DOE
Ans. There is only one point in the interior of ∠DOE i.e. point A.

b. In the exterior of ∠EOF
Ans. There are 3 points in the exterior of ∠EOF –
Point A, Point D and Point C.

c. On ∠EOF
Ans. There are 4 points on ∠EOF – Point E, Point B, Point O and Point F

03. Draw rough diagrams of two angles such that they have

In the above figure, there are two angles ∠AOB and ∠BOC which have three points (point O, point E and point B) in common.

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