Parentheses in math

What is Parenthesis ? Parentheses or Bracket in Math is used to pair number together. The symbol for Parentheses is ” ( ) “ Any expression inside parenthesis tells that they are paired together. Why Parenthesis is used in math? There are multiple reasons of using brackets in Math expression. (01) Parenthesis used in Order …

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Comparing integers

How to compare integers? In this chapter we will learn two methods to compare integers. (a) Comparing Integers – Simple Method(b) Integer comparison using Number line. Comparing Integers – Simple Method In this method there are three possible scenarios; (i) Both integers are positive(ii) One integer is positive and other is negative.(iii) Both integers are …

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Dividing Integers

Integers can be both positive and negative. To understand the integer division, you should have knowledge of some basic division rules. How to divide integers? There are two possible scenarios for division of integers; (a) Both numerator and denominator are of same sign. (b) Numerator and denominator are of different signs. We will learn both …

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Multiplying integers

We know that integers can be both positive or negative numbers. The multiplication of numbers with different signs requires understanding of some basic rules. On completing this chapter, you will learn to multiply integers with same and different signs. How to Multiply two integers? Given below are possible scenarios for multiplication of integers; (a) Both …

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