Grade 5 Math

Types of Angles

In Geometry angles are classified on the basis of measurement Types of angles as per measurements are:(1) Acute Angle(2) Right Angle(3) Obtuse Angle(4) Straight Angle(5) Reflex Angle(6) Full Rotation Below diagram gives you an idea of different angle types. Different Angle Types Given below is the description and properties of different types of Angles in …

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What is an angle? When two line meet at a common point an angle is formed. Like length of object is measured in Meteror Weight of object is measured in KilogramsSimilarly angle between the lines is measured in degrees Parts of Angle ArmsThe ray forming the angle is known as armsHere OA & OB are …

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In this post we will learn concept of Percent or Percentage.We will take the help of images for conceptual understanding. After the concept, we will solve some practice exercise at the end of the chapter. What is Percent? The word percent means “per 100” It basically tells you the amount of unit present in 100 …

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How to divide decimals

In this post we will two different methods to divide decimal numbers.(a) Long Division Method(b) Division using Fraction Method Long Division with decimals This method can be used when decimal is divided by whole number. This division involves following steps:(A) First divide the number before decimal point(B) Insert the decimal in the quotient and involve …

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