Questions on product of power rule of exponents

In this chapter we will discuss questions related to product of power rule with detailed solution. The law of product of power rule is given as; Practice the formula in paper so that you can remember it for long time. Question 01Solve the below expression Solution Question 02Solve the below expression; Solution

Laws of exponent for real numbers

Given below are important laws for math operation of real numbers with exponents. All the formulas are important as they help us to solve questions so make sure you practice it on your own. If you want to understand exponents in detail, click the red link.

Rational exponent

In this post we will look at the concept of rational exponent with solved examples. Rational exponent definition The number in which power is in the form of rational number is called rational exponent. Consider the number . Note that the exponent is a rational number 3/4. The numerator of rational number “3” represents the …

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