Blood Relation Questions

This post is continuation of Blood Relation questions that have been previously asked in competition exams like GRE, GMAT, CAT, SSC, Math Olympiad and other entrance examinations.

In order to solve blood relation problems you should take the help of flow chart. In fact in all the questions we have solved, we have drawn the flow chart for better relationship establishment. I hope after solving these question, you will be ready to face any type of logical reasoning questions asked in the exams

Blood Relations Solved Problems

(Q.1) If A is the mother of D , B is the son of C , C is the father of D , D is the sister of B , then how is A related to B?

Blood Relation questions

Taking D as a starting point

  • A is the mother of D, A is female, placing A above D
  • C is the father of D, C is male, placing C parallel to A, A is wife of C
  • D is sister of B, D is female, placing D parallel to B
  • B is son of C, C is male, placing C above B
  • Now it is clear that A is mother of B

(Q.2) A and B are brother and sister respectively. C is A’s father, D is C’s sister and E is D’s mother. How is B related to E?

questions on blood relations

Taking A as a starting point

  • A and B are brother and sister, A is male, B is female, placing A and B parallel to each other
  • C is A’s father, C is male, placing C above A, B is C’s daughter
  • D is C’s sister, D is female, placing D parallel to C
  • E is D’s mother, E is female, placing E above D, C is son of E

Now it is clear that B is E’s grand-daughter

(Q.3) Q is the son of P , X is the daughter of Q , R is the aunty (Bua) of X and L is the son of R. how is L related to P ?

blood relations questions and answers

Taking Q as starting point.

  • Q is son of P, Q is male, Placing Q below P
  • X is daughter of Q, X is female, placing X below Q
  • R is aunty(Bua) of X, R is sister of Q, R is female, placing R parallel to Q. , R is daughter of P
  • L is son of R, L is male, placing L below R
  • Now it is clear that L is grandson of P

(Q.4) Suresh’s sister is the wife of Ram. Ram is Rani’s brother, Ram’s father is madhur, Sheetal is Ram’s grandmother, Rema is sheetal’s daughter-in-law, Rohit is rani’s brother’s son . How is rohit related to suresh ?

problems on blood relations

Taking Suresh as starting point

  • Suresh has a sister, placing suresh’s sister parallel to him
  • Suresh’s sister is wife of ram. Placing ram parallel to suresh’s sister, suresh is brother-in-law of ram
  • Rani is ram’s sister, placing rani parallel to ram
  • Madhur is ram’s father, placing madhur above ram
  • Rohit is rani’s brother’s (ram) son, placing rohit below ram
  • Rema is madhur’s wife, means ram’s mother, placing rema parallel to madhur
  • Sheetal is madhur’s mother, means ram’s grandmother , placing sheetal above madhur
  • Now it is clear that rohit is suresh’s nephew

Q.5 Among her children, ganga’s favourite are Ram and Rekha. Rekha is the mother of Sharat, who is loved most by his uncle Mithun. The head of the family is Ram Lal. Who is succeeded by his son’s gopal and mohan. Gopal and Ganga have been married for 35 years and have 3 children. How is mithun related to mohan ?

blood relations problems

Taking Ram lal as starting point.

  • Ram lal has two son’s Gopal and Mohan. Placing Gopal and Mohan below Ram lal
  • Ganga is gopal’s wife, placing ganga parallel to gopal
  • Ganga has 3 children’s Ram , Rekha , Mithun ,placing 3 children’s below ganga
  • Gopal is the father of Ram , Rekha , Mithun
  • Sharat is son of rekha, mithun is uncle of sharat. Placing sharat below rekha
  • Mithun is son of gopal , mohan is brother of gopal
  • Mohan is mithun’s uncle

(Q.6) Introducing a man, a woman said “his wife is the only daughter of my mother”. How is woman related with the man?

blood relation questions

Taking woman as starting point

  • Woman has a mother, placing mother above her
  • Woman’s mother’s only daughter means woman itself
  • Now woman / wife has a husband (man) , placing Man parallel to woman/wife
  • Now it is clear that woman is the wife of husband

(Q.7)  Raghu and Babu are twins, Babu;s sister is Reema, Reema’s husband is Rajan, Raghu’s mother is Lakshmi, Lakshmi’s husband is Rajesh, How is Rajesh related to Rajan ?

blood relations mental ability reasoning questions

Taking Lakshmi as a starting point

  • Rajesh is husband of Lakshmi, placing Rajesh parallel to Lakshmi
  • Rajesh and Lakshmi have three children’s Raghu, Babu, Reema
  • Placing 3 children’s below Lakshmi
  • Rajan is husband of reema, placing Rajan parallel to Reema
  • Now it is clear that Rajesh is Father-in-law of Rajan

(Q.8) Sheela is Ravi’s sister-in-law. Ram is Ravi’s brother, Ram’s wife is Sheela , Deepa is Ravi’s sister, Deepa’s mother is Shanti. How is Sheela related to Shanti ?

mental ability reasoning questions related to blood relations

According to question, taking Ram as a starting point.  

  • Ram and Ravi are brother, placing Ram parallel to Ravi
  • Sheela is Ram’s wife, placing Sheela parallel to Ram
  • Deepa is Ravi’s sister, placing Deepa parallel to Ravi
  • Shanti is Deepa’s mother, Ram and Ravi are Shanti’s son
  • Now it is clear that Sheela is Daughter-in-law of Shanti

(Q.9) Sunil is the son of Kesav, Simran is Kesav’s sister, has a son Maruti and daughter Sita. Prem is the maternal uncle of Maruti. How is Sunil related to Maruti ?

general mental ability blood relation questions

Taking Simran as starting point

  • Simran has two children’s Maruti and Sita, placing Simran above them
  • Prem is the maternal uncle of Maruti , means Prem is brother of Simran, placing Prem parallel to simran
  • Simran is kesav’s sister , placing Kesav parallel to Simran
  • Sunil is son of Kesav, placing sunil below kesav
  • Simran is sunil’s paternal aunt
  • Now it is clear that sunil and Maruti are Cousin’s

(Q.10) A man showed a boy next to him and said – ” He is the son of my wife’s sister-in-law, but I am the only child of my parent’s “ how is my son related to him ?

important blood relation questions for mental ability and reasoning aptitude

Taking Man as starting point

  • Man is the only child of his parents, placing parents above man.
  • Man has son, placing man’s son below him.
  • Man has wife, placing wife parallel to man.
  • Wife has sister-in-law, placing sister-in-law parallel to wife.
  • Sister-in-law has son, placing son below sister-in-law.
  • Now it is clear that, man’s son and sister-in-law’s son are cousin’s .

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