What is an angle?

When two line meet at a common point an angle is formed.

What is an angle

Like length of object is measured in Meter
or Weight of object is measured in Kilograms
Similarly angle between the lines is measured in degrees

Parts of Angle

The ray forming the angle is known as arms
Here OA & OB are the two arms

The point at which two ray meet is known as Vertex
Here point O is the vertex

what is vertex in angle

How to name the angle

The angle is named using symbol “ \angle

Hence, the above angled can be named as \angle O or \angle AOB

Naming of Multiple Angles

what is the sign of angle

Above image shows multiple angles.
We can name the angles as follows:
\angle 1 or \angle AOB
\angle 2 or \angle BOC
\angle 3 or \angle COD
\angle 4 or \angle DOE

Angle Comparison

The more open the lines, the greater the angle will be.

In the below figure one simply observe that:
\angle 2 is greater than \angle 1, just because the line between angle 2 is more open.

what is unit of angle

Interior and Exterior Points of Angle

Any point which lies inside the two arms are in interior of angle
Point which is outside the two arms are in exterior of angle

Interior and exterior parts of angle

In the above figure you can observe that:
Point 1 & 2 are in interior of \angle AOC
Point 3 & 4 are in exterior of \angle AOC

Important FAQ’s

(01) What is Vertex in angle?

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It is the point where two ray meet to form angle

(02) What is unit of measurement of Angle?

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Angle is measured in Degrees

(03) How to measure any given angle

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Angle can be measured using a Protractor

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